Ronnie X on vocals!



Throughout most of Ron's music career, he was known for playing in alternative rock bands.  Most notably, "The Hard".  However, Ron became a strong believer in Punk Rock and what it stood for as he witnessed the rise of the authoritarian state in the USA.

Ron, along with 390 guitarist, Eric Ferguson, played in the early and mid-80s in the alternative rock band "The Hard".  The Hard was heavily influenced by the New Wave scene of that time.  Some of the bands most notable influences were The Gears, The Jam and The Clash. Members of the band were vocalist Scott Meldrum, guitarist Eric Ferguson, Ron on bass and drummer John Peel. John Peel was later replaced by drummer Brad Williams. The Hard played all over the O.C. scene at such venues as Safari Sam's, Spatts, Woodstock, Radio City and Goodies.  The Hard also played with such bands as The Dickies and The Descendants.  Frustrated with the band's progress, Ron left the band in 1986. Ron would not return to the music scene until 20 years later.

In 2008, Ron was approached by longtime friend, and former drummer of The Hard, Brad Williams.  Brad asked Ron to reunite with The Hard.  Ron was reluctant, until Eric Ferguson convinced him to reconsider.  The Hard's new line-up consisted of Brad Williams on vocals, guitarist Eric Ferguson, drummer Mike Dempsey and Ron on bass.  The Hard would immediately get gigs as a support band for such openers as The Smithereens, Flock of Seagulls and The Lemonheads.  The Hard broke up in 2011 due to musical differences.  

Frustrated at the rise of the authoritarian state in America, Ron was inspired to write new material.  In 2013, Eric and Ron got together and started recording at Eric's home studio in La Habra, CA. During that time, the two would write some 20 new songs.  The most notable songs that would come out of this new batch were, "I Hate The Government", "Don't Want To Be Controlled" and "Anarchist". Sometime in late 2014, Eric and Ron decided to give it a go and start a new band.  That band would be named 390.  However, 390 would take on a different musical direction from past bands.  A musical direction that Ron had longed for.  A hardcore melodic punk band that would challenge the state and its seemingly never ending control on our lives.  Eric, who was an advent punk follower and lover of the music, had no problem with the new direction. 

390's band members are guitarist Eric Ferguson, former Hard drummer and friend Mike Dempsey, longtime friend and punk rock bassist Ron Beaver, and on vocals Ronnie X.